Solic 200 Wireless Solar Immersion Heater Controller

Solic 200 Wireless Solar Immersion Heater Controller
Solic 200 Wireless Solar Immersion Heater ControllerSolic 200 Wireless Solar Immersion Heater ControllerSolic 200 Wireless Solar Immersion Heater Controller
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 The Award Winning SOLiC 200 from Earthwise Products automatically converts energy generated by existing PV panels into hot water by diverting excess solar power to the immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid.

Simple to use and maintenance free, the SOLiC 200 is self-contained, easy to install and can save the homeowner hundreds of pounds over the course of a year. The SOLiC 200 includes a 10-year return to base guarantee* has been built to last 25 years, and has been designed, constructed, and fully tested in Britain to the highest CE standards.

The unit can be installed quickly and easily without the need for plumbing alterations using the installation manual – see Documents tab below. Please note: the installation manual is for trade use and installers only.

The SOLiC 200 has a zero-export threshold and checks for excess power 20 times a second, ensuring maximum efficiency. It is extremely easy and quick to fit, while keeping the key benefits people expect including:

  • - 10 Year return to base warranty

  • - UK manufactured

  • - Metal enclosure

  • - Zero threshold

  • - Low pricing

  • - Pre paired sensor unit

  • - Main powered 433hz RF giving increased range and reliability

  • - The sensor signals the main unit to correct power output level 5 times a second for high accuracy

SOLiC Wireless Specifications:- 

Operation voltage: 230VAC mains single phase 50Hz
Mains voltage: 205 – 260VAC
Power consumption: 1.5W & 1.0W
Active current: 300mA & 150mA
Transfer efficiency: 99% (at max power
Max load current surge: 80A for 10ms
Continuous load current: 16A
Mains frequency tolerance at 50Hz: 2Hz
Operating temperature: 0 to 50C
Storage temperature: –20 to +75C
Humidity range: 10 to 90%, non condensing
Max impact force: 12G
Lightning and ESD protection: to 1.8kV
Current tracking accuracy: better than 95%
Export threshold: 0W
Audible noise emissions: below 10dBA
RFI (EMC) emissions: below -52dBW
Max power dissipation at 3kW output: 27W
Internal fuse: 250V 1A 20mm delayed blow
Insulation resistance: above 10M Ohms
Case isolation protection: better than 2.0kV
Case dimensions: 161 x 105 x 57mm & 105 X 65 X 25mm
Total mass as supplied: 625g & 325g

Why buy the award-winning SOLiC 200?  

  • - Free hot water for you

  • - 1000's installed in the UK and across Europe

  • - Easy to install - typically around one to two hours

  • - UK–based technical support from manufacturer


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