Radflek Radiator Reflector 8 Sheet Pack

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Radflek sheets come in 3, 5 & 8 sheet packs.

8 sheet pack fits 8-16 radiators.

All packs contain everything required for wall mounted radiators including: Radflek sheets, 12 fixing clips, Radstick tape & instructions.

Radstick is included but not required for installation. Radstick is used to enlarge a Radflek sheet where the distance between the radiator wall bracket is greater than 120cm or to combine cuts.

Each Radflek sheet is 120cm x 60cm

Radflek could pay for itself in about a year.

  • Radflek is a radiator reflector designed for ease of installation by consumers.

  • Radflek reduces your heating bill by reflecting wasted energy back into your room rather than heating up the wall and the street outside.

  • Less energy used means a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Radflek is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of energy saving in the home - at least 23% more efficient than louvered or saw toothed radiator reflector panels.

  • Radflek maintains it reflectivity for years, whilst kitchen foil degrades very quickly.

  • Radflek radiator reflectors are quicker & easier to install than standard radiator panels - anyone really can do it and it only takes minutes!

  • Once installed, nobody will know Radflek is there.

What is Radflek?

Radflek is a revolutionary energy saving radiator reflector that reflects 95% of the wasted heat energy radiated from the rear of a radiator back into your room.

Radflek is a laminated aluminium foil with a long lasting coating that prevents oxidation and preserves its high reflectivity. With Radflek, less energy is needed to heat the room to your desired temperature and so your energy bills will be less. Radflek is at least 23% more efficient than any louvered or saw toothed radiator reflector panels and will typically pay for itself in about a year.

No need for removal of radiators, professional installers or any sticking to the wall - Radflek just hangs from the wall brackets behind the radiator and disappears from view once installed. Installation is quick and simple, only taking minutes - anyone can do it!

How does it work?

Both windows have radiators on the wall below them, The right-hand window' radiator is fitted with Radflek, which has reduced heat loss through the wall by 45%. This can be seen by the more muted colour below that window compared with the left-hand window.

Verified Performance

  • Tested by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and energy savings verified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

  • Approved by Ofgem for use in the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target scheme (CERT).

  • Granted Energy Saving Trust Recommended Product Status

It takes no energy to save energy!

  • Radflek only takes minutes to fit.

  • No sticking to the wall.

  • No radiator removal

  • no DIY know-how needed.

  • No major maintenance required - just occasional dusting to maintain best reflectivity.

  • Radflek is designed to hang between the brackets of standard wall mounted radiators, so that there is a small air gap either side of the Radflek sheet.

  • More detailed instructions are included in the pack.

Don't heat the street!

Tests carried out by the BBA and reported  on by the BRE, show that Radflek reduces heat transfer through walls by 45%, is the most efficient radiator reflector on the market and is 23% more efficient  at saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions than any louvered  or saw toothed radiator reflector panel.

Carbon and energy savings will depend on the fuel type, wall type and how often the heating is switched on. With a solid uninsulated wall using a normal heating cycle, an 8 sheet pack of Radflek will annually save:

  • Up to 166.2kg CO2 and up to 666.6 kWh

  • Up to £40 (using Energy Saving Trust fuel price assumptions)

Visit the Energy Saving Trust and Carbon Trust websites for more information on energy efficiency.

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