A comparison between LED and Fluorescent Tube Light

Monday, 1 February 2016  |  Admin

A Comparison between LED and Fluorescent Tube Light

Fluorescent Tube

As LED technology improves, an increasing number of LED lamps are entering the lighting market; for example, LED tubes. However, does it worth to spend more money on LED tubes instead of fluorescents? The answer varies according to your needs. In the following text, we would compare LED tube with fluorescent tube, which is the most widely used tube light, to see whether LED tube is ready to replace the fluorescents. 

Fluorescent tube is a mercury-vapour gas discharge lamp. When an electric current goes through the gas, the mercury vapour will produce short-wave ultraviolet light, causing a phosphor on the inside of the tube and generate visible light.

LED Tube

LED tube applies semi-conductor technology, transferring electrical energy into light. An LED tube converts electrical power into light more efficiently than fluorescent tube. Another benefit of using LED tube is that LED tubes are mercury free, so that it is more green and good to health.

As we can see, LED tubes are better than fluorescents in regards to luminous efficacy. Besides, LEDs have longer lifespan, so that you could cut down the maintenance cost in the long run.

Mercury Free. Fluorescent tubes contain a number of mercury which is dangerous to health. LED tubes on the other hand are mercury free, keeping you and your family away from toxic substances. 

Longer Life. If you turn on and off fluorescent tubes more frequently, they would burn out more faster. On the contrary, the lifespan of LED tubes would not be affected no matter how many times you turn them on and off.