Infrared Panel Heaters

Thursday, 28 January 2016  |  Admin will soon be launching a full range of premium Infrared Panel Heatings.

After searching hi and low across the globe for a quality product; we will soon be stocking a range of infrared panel heaters that have been manufactured in Europe using German components and parts from other European countries. These infrared panel heaters will provide you with a source of heating which is not only highly efficient and economical, but also modern.

Infrared Heating

Similar to traditional tiled stoves, our range of infrared panels produce radiant heat that first warms the objects present in the an area and then the air to create a pleasant warmth and comfort in the interior.

Radiant heating  does not require costly air circulation, which is the principle of standard heating systems. Reduced air circulations helps to maintain a cleaner, dust free environment that is especially appreciated by those suffering from allergies.

The effects of radiant heating also contribute to increased thermal comfort. One of these effects is the possibility to heat a room to a temperature of about 2°C lower than when using standard heating, yet maintaining the same comfort level. This in itself brings about heating cost savings.

The very core of the European panel heaters we will be stocking is a unique silicone heating foil with outstanding thermal properties  made in Germany exclusive to this range of panel heaters. The foil lifetime is 30 years.

The main advantages of infrared heating panels are:

  • Sustained energy savings
  • Safe technology
  • Flexible, modern design
  • Affordable pricing
  • East installation without substantial interior modifications
  • Intuitive control
  • Spatial flexibility
  • 5 Year warranty (our stocked range of panel heaters)
  • Maintenance free operation