Cosy Smart Wireless Thermostat

Monday, 8 June 2015  |  Admin

A Cambridge (UK) Alternative to Google’s Nest Thermostat Have you heard of Nest’s smart thermostat? Wonder why Google spent $3.2billion purchasing the makers of Nest? Then have a look at Cosy, the new alternative from Cambridge-based business, Green Energy Options (geo). Not only does Cosy look good, it does nifty things that Nest and others in the burgeoning home automation market don’t do.

Traditionally thermostats are mounted in the hall, thereby heating your home as determined by a space you pass through, not necessarily where you spend most of your time. Not anymore! With Cosy, geo have separated the temperature sensor and control switch that make up a thermostat into two separate parts - which means you can take the temperature sensor wherever you are, giving you dramatically greater control over your heating.

Research estimates approximately 20% savings are possible using better heating control, which makes Cosy well worth having. Some studies have shown savings of £200 a year; geo suggests you think about how often you heat your home when you aren’t there - or how many times have you turned the thermostat up and then forgotten about it - and then work out just how much you could save with heating control at your fingertips.

Simon Anderson, geo’s Chief Product Officer, says that Cosy has been designed to “keep it simple”:

• Cosy works alongside your current heating system, so there is nothing to replace, just add a wall switch. Your local electrician can install Cosy within an hour.

• As well as electricity and gas, Cosy works with LPG, oil, biomass and electric heating systems that are controlled by thermostat.

• Cosy is flexible, even if you are renting your current property or are about to move home. Just take it with you when you leave.

• Cosy’s portable temperature sensor has a display and controls so you can manage your heating without moving from your seat - particularly useful for those with reduced mobility, illness or disability.

• Cosy has been designed as a multi-user system. Anyone in your family can operate Cosy, using mobile devices from wherever they are. Been away for the weekend? Switch on your heating on the way back and return to a cosy home. In brief, Cosy is about simplicity, comfort and efficiency.

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