Valk Box 3 for flat roofs

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One unit per panel in landscape. 

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The ValkBox 3-Uni set contains all of the mounting materials required to install one solar panel (landscape) on a flat roof. Like 2 aluminium brackets with a tilt angle of 20 degrees (anodised for a long lifespan) and 4 special rubber tile supports for optimal pressure distribution.


The ValkBox 3 includes an independent unit, so that you do not have to link anything together when you want to extend. A clever hinge system makes the panel tiltable, so it is easy to place ballast tiles (300 x 300 mm). To calculate the correct ballasting, a clear ballast table with regional wind and building height variables included.

As the efficiency of solar systems is largely dependent on the mounting system in which they are fitted, Van der Valk Solar Systems decided to specialise in mounting systems.

The results are evident in systems that distinguish themselves in terms of their durability, reliability and ease of assembly, as well as their range of applications. Van der Valk Solar Systems has developed a complete range of fixed and tracking systems suitable for virtually every conceivable base, such as open fields, roofs and water features.

The Valk Box 

Simple, high-quality and durable

More and more private individuals and small companies are looking into the possibilities offered by solar energy. The ValkBox was developed to make a solar system affordable for those users (and profitable for the installer). The system excels in simplicity and is distinguished by its quality and durability, just like the other Van der Valk Solar Systems. With the ValkBox you have a suitable system in your assortment for all smaller applications. And thanks to the use of universal panel clamps, almost any type of solar panel can be mounted. To emphasise the logistical ease of the ValkBox, the three different box formats fit delivery and/or storage on Euro pallets.

The ValkBox® mounting system is a universal mounting system for solar panels. The following starting points apply:
Panel design : Standard solar panels with an aluminium frame, with mounting holes for M6 bolts upwards.
Panel length : Approx. 165 cm or approx. 200 cm
Panel width : 98 -100 cm
Thickness of the aluminium frame : 3 - 5 cm
Panel weight : Approx. 20 kg (length approx. 165 cm) or approx. 25 kg (length approx. 200 cm)

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