30A Auto Solar Charge Controller CM3024Z

30A Auto  Solar Charge Controller CM3024Z
30A Auto  Solar Charge Controller CM3024Z30A Auto  Solar Charge Controller CM3024Z30A Auto  Solar Charge Controller CM3024Z
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CM3024Z  20 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller 

General Product Description:

·  30A 12/24V Regulator

·  CE RoHS approved

·  External Temperature sensor 

·  LCD display

The 'CM' series charge controller is an intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge and discharge controller. The CM series includes an easy to read LCD display and user friendly operation; various control parameters can be set to meet your applications requirements. 

The 30 Amp CM3024 allows a maximum solar input of 360W @ 12V & 7200W @ 24V. The charge controller powers off the battery and should be connected to the battery before connecting to the solar panel. We recommend that you follow the user manual prior to installing the controller to your solar system.

The CM series controller has following features:-

·  Graphical LCD Display

·  Easy to operate with user controls

·  Automatic System voltage detection (12V/24V)

·  Intelligent 3 stage PWM charge mode

·  Automatic Temperature Compensation

·  Adjustable charge-discharge control parameters

·  Settable operating load 

·  Accumulated function of charge and discharge Ampere hours

·  Battery reverse-discharge protection

·  Battery Low Voltage Disconnection (LVD)

·  Battery reverse connection protection

·  Overload, Short Circuit Protection

Technical Parameter:

Model CM2024Z CM3024Z CM2048 CM3048
Rated charge Current 20A 30A 20A 30A
Rated charge Voltage 12V/24V 48V
Open Circuit Voltage of solar panel ≤50V ≤100V
Float Voltage 13.7V/27.4V 55.2V
Low Voltage Disconnection(LVD) 10.5V/21V 42.8V
Low Voltage Reconnection(LVR) 12.2V/24.4V 50.0V
No load loss ≤30mA
Loop Voltage Drop ≤170mV
Charging Mode PWM mode
Temperature Compensation -4mV/Cell/°C
Installation cable area. 7# AWG (16mm2)
Operating Temperature -10~60
Mounting hole spacing 60 mm×178 mm --Φ5
Notes 365g



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